Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit w/bonus disc USED DVD

Type: Used Movies

Well... Anchor Bay has done it again! This very cool box set of the cult classics - The Sleepaway Camp Trilogy has a cute "first aid" motif with bloody handprints on the slipcover. The red paint used on the slipcover for the blood actually FEELS STICKY, like real blood! Open the slipcover up and you have pictures of first aid items like band-aids, first aid cream, gauze, antiseptic wipes and the like with the DVD's right inside. Utter PACKAGING GENIUS! Also included is a "Sleepaway Camp Diary" that gives the history of all three films and includes addresses for cool Sleepaway Camp fan websites. All three of the features are presented in widescreen with audio commentaries, still galleries, theatrical trailers, outtakes, behind the scenes, deleted scenes and MUCH, MUCH GORE!!!