Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

The death and destruction continues in 1989's darkly comedic, and thoroughly demented, sequel SLEEPAWAY CAMP III: UNHAPPY CAMPERS.

Once again returning as the riotous Angela Johnson, star Pamela Springsteen just cannot seem to keep away from summer camp carnage - this time going undercover as a teen-refugee seeking some solace and understanding from a pleasant old backwoods retreat. Alas, when she only finds sexed up teens and party-happy adults, her sense of virginal duty is called into action and she beings tidying up the trash. Using everything from a lawnmower to a firecracker to a gun, our wise-cracking anti-heroine soon loses count of the corpses - although a final homage to THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME gives her last survivors a sporting shot at making it out of the woods alive. Released at the tail-end of the slice and dice terror-trope movement, and co-starring the great Michael J Pollard (BONNIE AND CLYDE), SLEEPAWAY CAMP III is pure eighties mayhem - and one of the most malevolent macabre movies ever unleashed! Finally carving its way back to UK shelves, this is the HD horror sequel you have all been waiting for!


Unhappy Campers!: Interview with Academic Mikel Koven

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