Secret Beyond the Door

Type: New Blu-Ray


Joan Bennett (SCARLET STREET) stars as rich, bored heiress who recklessly marries an elusive and mysterious architect (Michael Redgrave, THE BROWNING VERSION) in this moody and atmospheric film noir. Seemingly trapped within the spare yet surreal and terrifying confines of her husbands mansion, she begins to fear for her life when his sublimated hatred for women starts to bubble over and his strange obsession for violent deaths leads her to believe that she may be next. With a rousing score by Miklss Rszsa (THE ASPHALT JUNGLE) and beautiful stark cinematography by Stanley Cortez (THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER). Director and producer Fritz Lang (THE BIG HEAT) adds a psychoanalytic Freudian twist that is a distinct throwback to his German Expressionist roots.