Scarecrows (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

The plan was simple. Boost a few-million, head to Mexico, divide the loot and live it up

for the rest of their days. Unfortunately for this band of ex-military criminals, they’re about to learn the hard way; that best laid plans often go awry. A double-cross ensues and the group find themselves in an eerie abandoned farmhouse, one that holds a murderous secret in the surrounding cornfields. The malevolent scarecrows that inhabit the fields are alive and are soon stalking and slashing their way through the would-be bank robbers. Featuring outlandish gore effects by FX maestro Norman Cabrera (of the KNB EFX Group), stunningly atmospheric cinematography from Peter Deming (Evil Dead II) and a spine-tingling score from Terry Plumeri (Black Eagle), Scarecrows is essential viewing for any self-respecting horror fan. 88 Films are proud to present this stalwart of VHS rental stores in all its HD glory for the first time in the UK!


FIELD OF SCREAMS: An interview with producer Cami Winikoff

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