Saint Jack

Type: New Blu-Ray

Jack Flowers is a street savvy American living in Singapore. And like all Americans, Jack has a open the best whorehouse in Singapore. Of course a whorehouse doesn't come easy. It takes a lot of moves and a lot of hustle. But as Jack always says "People make love for so many crazy reasons...why shouldn't money be one of them"? Two of the film's best features are the terrific cinematography by the great Robby Muller (Breaking the Waves) and the top-notch cast. Legendary filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich (Targets, Paper Moon ) co-starred, directed and co-wrote the screenplay with Howard Sackler ( Killer's Kiss ) and Paul Theroux (The Mosquito Coast) - based on the novel by Theroux. Produced by the great Roger Corman. Now see it for the first time in 16x9 widescreen from a brand new HD master from the original negatvies!