Trick or Treat aka Ragman (Region Free)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Eddie Weinbauer adores heavy metal star Sammi Curr and is considered a loser at his school. With the death of his idol, his world collapses.
Until the day radio DJ Nuke gives him Sammi's last unreleased record and playing the record backwards gives him mysterious messages from the afterlife. With the help of the resurrected rock star, Eddie exacts revenge on his tormentors. But soon the act of revenge eludes his control and the horror spreads.
At the big Halloween school party, disaster struck: after Sammi's legacy rang out from the speakers, Sammi used his chance to make a big entrance. At the risk of his life, Eddie tries to stop the inevitable.

The heavy metal horror cult film with Ozzy Osbourne as a priest who preaches from hellfire and hates heavy metal and Kiss frontman Gene Simmons as a radio DJ. With the legendary soundtrack of "Fastway".

* 3 German soundtrack mixes

* MOVIECOPS: HORNS UP FOR HORROR - Own produced special "HEAVY METAL & HORRORFILME" from Bang Your Head 2013 with interviews by
- Morten Sandager (PRETTY MAIDS)
- Mem Of Stone (EXUMER)
- Sven Groß (FLESHCRAWL)
- Andrew Prestidge (ANGEL WITCH, ZOLTAN)
- Sy Keeler (ONSLAUGHT)
- Axel Hermann (Artist / Cover Artwork Artist)
- Tony Speakman (HELL)
- T.Schiavo (EXUMER)
- Daniel "Fuchs" Täumel (THE APOCALYPTIC RIDERS)
- Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer (DESTRUCTION)
- Mr Lordi (LORDI)
- Gerhard "Felix" Stass (CREMATORY)
- Jon Schaffer & Stu Block (ICED EARTH)
* Filmographies
* Band biographies
* Trailer show