Rabid Grannies

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Grannies Are the Greatest. They Bake Pies, Tell Stories and Take You to the Zoo. They Don't Ask for An Arm and a Leg in Return. They Want Your Whole Body! It's Off to Grandmother's House We Go for Rabid Grannies, the Blood-Splattered Tale of Two Little Old Ladies Who Open a Surprise Package from Hell. Out Slithers a Mysterious Fog That Turns the Grannies Into Ghouls Who Can't Wait to Sink Their Dentures Into Human Flesh. Luckily for Them, They Have a Houseful of Juicy Guests. Unluckily for Their Guests, These Bone-Crunching Battle-Axes Just Can't Get Filled Up. Rabid Grannies... These Biddies Bite!