Quatermass and the Pit

Type: New Blu-Ray

Hobbs End, Knightsbridge, London. While working on a new subway tunnel for the London Underground, a group of construction workers uncover a strangely shaped skull. Nearby, another discovery: a large, mysterious and impenetrable metal object. Initially mistaken for an unexploded bomb, the object and its strange power turn out to be far more horrific than anybody could have possibly imagined. Is it of this earth? Could it be the ancestral link to mankind's evolution? Or could it be an ancient link to the unleashing of the ultimate evil? There's only one man capable of unravelling the clues, and his name is Professor Bernard Quatermass (Andrew Keir), a man of science who thrives on the dark mysteries of the world ...

Written by legendary screenwriter Nigel Kneale, Quatermass And The Pit is a seminal British sci-fi classic. For its U.S. release by 20th Century Fox, the film was retitled Five Million Years To Earth.

Bonus Features

NEW Audio Commentary With Film Historian Bruce G. Hallenbeck

NEW Audio Commentary With Filmmaker Constantine Nasr And Author/Film Historian Steve Haberman

NEW Interview With Actor Hugh Futcher

NEW Interview With Academy Award-Winning Special Effects Artist Brian Johnson (Alien)

NEW Interview With Clapper Loader Trevor Coop

NEW Interview With Focus Puller Bob Jordan

Interview With Author Judith Kerr

Interview With Actor Julian Glover

Interview With Actor/Writer Mark Gatiss

Interview With Filmmaker Joe Dante

Interview With Author/Film Historian Kim Newman

Interview With author/Hammer Film Historian Marcus Hearn

Audio Commentary With Director Roy Ward Baker And Writer Nigel Kneale

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