Primitive London (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

The sensational follow-up to London in the Raw sets out to reflect society’s decay through a sideshow spectacle of 1960s London depravity – and manages to outdo its predecessor. Here, we confront mods, rockers and beatniks at the Ace Cafe, cut some rug with obscure beat band The Zephyrs, witness a seedy Jack the Ripper re-enactment, smirk at flabby men in the sauna and goggle at sordid wife-swapping parties as we discover a pre-permissive Britain still trying to move on from the post-war depression of the 1950s.

Special features

Remastered to high definition from the original negative.

English and French language versions of feature and trailer.

Original trailer (English and French language options).

Carousella (John Irvin, 1965, 23 min): a dramatised documentary on the lives of a group of striptease artistes.

Three Bernard Braden interviews: Stuart McCabe (strip club manager) interview (1968, 15 min); Shirley (stripper) interview (1968, 6 min); Al Burnett (nightclub owner) interview (1967, 17 min).

Illustrated booklet with essays by Iain Sinclair, Vic Pratt (BFI Curator) and William Fowler (BFI Curator); original review and promotional material.