Perky Little Things [PAL] Nintendo Switch NEW 18+




REGION FREE - Will play on all systems worldwide.

CHRISTMAS EVE - Santa and his little helpers need your help! Some people this Christmas have been naughty. Search through the sexy Christmas themed art to find the hidden objects and put them where they belong. Help Santa and his little helpers give people a Merry Christmas in more ways than one

SCHOOL OF BLACK MAGIC - These Witches and Wizards solemnly swear they’re up to no good! Help them find their magical objects to receive your magical surprise

PIRATES OF THE SOUTHERN SEAS - Sail the seven seas with these swashbucklers as you look for treasure and other sorts of booty. Trust me treasure isn’t the only thing that’s on these pirates’ minds. These pirates are stranded at sea and need your help to find what they lost. Return the missing items to their owners for a special delight

Perky Little Things includes:

- Base Game

- 200+ Page Artbook