Patrick (1978) / Patrick (2013) w/SLIP (Region Free)

Type: New Blu-Ray


In room 15 of the mysterious Roget clinic lies a young comatose murderer named PATRICK. His doctor thinks he's nothing more than 170 pounds of limp meat hanging off a comatose brain, but a young nurse, Kathy (Susan Penhaligon, The Uncanny), knows very differently. Patrick has burgeoning psychic powers and a crush on Kathy - and his affection is about to turn into a deadly and bloody obsession!

A classic example of Ozploitation cinema from acclaimed Hitchcock protégé, Richard Franklin (Roadgames, Psycho II), written by veteran genre scribe Everett DeRoche (Long Weekend) and also featuring Robert Helpman and Julia Blake, PATRICK is an unsettling tale of telekinetic terror, cunning and creepy to the last gasp.


For three years Patrick has been lying mute and immobile, a patient in an isolated clinic where renegade neurologist, Dr. Roget (Charles Dance, Game Of Thrones) conducts horrific experiments on the long term comatose, watched on by the glacial Matron Cassidy (Academy Award® nominee, Rachel Griffiths, Six Feet Under). The arrival of a sympathetic nurse, Kathy (Sharni Vinson, You’re Next) awakens desires in Patrick and unleashes his pent-up psychic powers. When Kathy uncovers a shocking secret about his past, Patrick’s lust for her intensifies into a deadly and bloody obsession - letting no one get in his way.

Based on the 1978 cult chiller and boldly re-imagined by the director of the acclaimed Not Quite Hollywood, Patrick is “a superior, effectively nerve-rattling update”(The Hollywood Reporter) that delivers “ a satisfying onslaught of madness and mayhem that should leave viewers suitably drenched in perspiration”(The Guardian). 



Audio commentary with director Richard Franklin

NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD interviews with cast and crew

A Coffee Break with Antony I. Ginnane

Archival on set interview with Richard Franklin

1981 interview with Richard Franklin

"Where was it Filmed?" featurette

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Audio commentary with Mark Hartley, Garry Richards, Justin King and Jackson Gallagher

The Spit, The Stunts, The Sex, The Gore featurette

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Mark and Garry's production diary

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Radio interview with director Mark Hartley

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