Panic Beats (Faded Cover) DVD USED

Type: Used Movies

Panic Beats delivers the goods so far as horror fans are concerned. The film is extremely gory (be warned) and has some very effective shock scenes as you would expect in a film that is about someone being scared to death. All things that Euro horror fans demand are here, blood and gore, weird nightmare sequences, sex and nudity, exotic settings and a bizarre historical background. The film is also extremely well shot with some beautiful cinematography - now fully evident in this remastered version and some great special make up effects. Finally, the film is unusual in that it mixes a very classic thriller plot with it's full blooded horror elements, making the horror even more shocking.

A 30 minute interview with the Director.
A 20 minute featurette on the history of the Spansh horror movie.
Newly Remastered Anamorphic from original negative.
Large Photo Gallery.
Mondo Macabro preview reel.

Please note that while the disc is fine the cover has faded.