Nightmare w/SLIP USED

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As a child, Janet (Jennie Linden, Old Dracula) witnessed an unbearable horror – her insane mother stabbing her father to death. Now a young woman, Janet suffers from recurring nightmares that have her convinced that she'll follow her mother to the asylum. Accompanied by her schoolteacher, Miss Lewis (Brenda Bruce, Peeping Tom), Janet retreats to the home of her guardian (David Knight, The Devil's Agent), who has hired lovely Grace (Moira Redmond, A Shot In The Dark) as a companion to help calm his troubled ward. But Janet's nightly terrors, magnified by the eerie, creaky old house, bring all her fears chillingly to life. Are Janet's problems all in her head ... or is there a sinister force at work?


Bonus Features

NEW 2K Scan From The Interpositive

NEW Audio Commentary With Film Historian Bruce Hallenbeck

NEW Sleepless Nights – An Interview With Author/Film Historian Kim Newman

NEW Slice And Fright – An Interview With Author/Film Historian Jonathan Rigby

NEW Reliving The Nightmare – Including Interviews With Actress Julie Samuel, Continuity Person Pauline Wise, And Focus Puller Geoff Glover

Nightmare…In The Making – Including Interviews With Actress Jennie Linden, Writer Jimmy Sangster, And Art Director Don Mingaye, Hosted By Author Wayne Kinsey

Jennie Linden Remembers – The Full Interview With Actress Jennie Linden

Madhouse: Inside Hammer’s NIGHTMARE Featuring Interviews With Film Historians Jonathan Rigby, Kevin Lyons, Alan Barnes, And John J. Johnson

Theatrical Trailer

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