Necrophagia Through Eyes Of The Dead (DVD)

Type: New DVD

Welcome to Hell. Witness some of the most barbaric acts ever captured on film. Hear some of the most shocking music to ever be released. See violence and depravity that only come from the sick minds of Necrophagia and cult film Maker Jim VanBebber.

Massacre Video is proud to present the extremely controversial THROUGH EYES OF THE DEAD, completely uncut and uncensored. To avoid cardiac arrest just keep repeating...It's only a movie.

Disc Extras:

- Reversible Cover Art

- Interview with Killjoy

- Vintage Interview with Phil Anselmo and Killjoy on Their Label

- Killjoy Puts the Bust on McCharlie Chan: Behind the Scenes

- Rehearsal Footage

- Manson Meditation Tapes

- Two Music Videos (Cannibal Holocaust and They Dwell in the Dark)

- Trailers for Other Massacre Video Releases