Midnight Movies Vol 11: Mondo Triple Feature (Mondo Cane/Mondo Cane 2/Women of the World) DVD USED

Type: Used Movies

MONDO CANE:All the scenes you will see in this film are true. If they are shocking, it is only because there are many shocking things in this world... Filmed in every corner of the world, this landmark epic explores the culture of life and death, the anguish of man and beast, and the taboos of sex and religion, all amidst the barbarism of civilization gone insane. Sometimes beautiful, often horrifying yet always surprising, it remains one of the most disturbing and controversial films of our time. This is the original 'Shockumentary' that started it all. This is MONDO CANE. MONDO CANE 2:Two years after the international smash MONDO CANE became the most controversial documentary of its time, the filmmakers again ignited a firestorm of outrage and acclaim as they traveled the globe to film an all-new exploration of primitives, penitents and perversions in a world gone mad. From the burning monks of Saigon to the slave markets of the Sudan, from religious hysteria to ecological horrors, from sex and art to life and death, this is an odyssey of beauty and barbarism that goes far beyond anything moviegoers had ever seen before. This is MONDO CANE 2. WOMEN OF THE WORLD:The camera strips woman right down to her skin, proclaimed the ads, ...lays bare the secrets of her mind and body! Here is the female of the species as mothers, murderers, warriors and whores, respected as high-powered executives and objectified as bodacious bombshells, grasping for eternal beauty and even engaging in unnatural friendships. From love in the streets of Paris to death on the African plain, the MONDO masters turn their unflinching eye on all the things never before known - and never before shown - about WOMEN OF THE WORLD. Bonus features include: MONDO CANE Extras: Theatrical Trailers, TV Spot, Poster & Still Gallery, Benito Frattari's Location Stills, Lobby Promo, The Unofficial Mondo Phenomenon by David Flint, MONDO CANE 2 Extras:, Theatrical Trailers, TV Spot, Poster & Still Gallery , Theatrical Trailers, Poster & Still Gallery