Messenger of Death (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Rewind back to the cinema of the 1980s and you might discover at least fun fact about an otherwise conservative decade: Hollywood was a lot less ageist! Indeed, in an action genre dominated by Arnold, Chuck and Sly, at least one big name looked as if he was more likely to be collecting his pension than provoking mayhem and that man was the late, great Charles Bronson. The star of DEATH WISH never slowed down, even as the decade came to a close, and 1988's fierce Cannon Films classic MESSENGER OF DEATH is one of the legendary genre star's most menacing motion pictures. In this fast-paced and potent thriller, Bronson plays an investigative journalist who prods a little too deeply into the affairs of a local, and lunatic, religious organisation. Bullets, blood and a slew of dead bodies soon follow. Mixing Mormonism and malevolence with the sort of high-octane brutality one might expect from director J. Lee Thompson (CAPE FEAR/ DEATH WISH IV: THE CRACKDOWN), MESSENGER OF DEATH is back in HD - and ready to blast its way into your Cannon collection!