Media Blitz - The Germs Story DVD USED

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Live Concert Performance: The Germs At The Whisky 1979
1. What We Do Is Secret
2. Art
3. Communist Eyes
4. Caught In My Eye
5. Mediaj Blitz
6. Lexicon Devil
7. Manimal
8. Going Down
9. The Other Newest One
10. Our Way

Audio Tracks:
1. Forming (Studio 1977)
2. Round N Round (Studio 1977)
3. Sex Boy (Studio 1977)
4. Strange Notes (Live at The Hong Kong Cafe 1978)
5. Caught In My Eye (Live at The Hong Kong Cafe 1978)
6. Let s Pretend (Live at The Whisky 1979)
7. Lexicon Devil (Live at The Whisky 1979)
8. Manimal (Live at The Whisky 1979)
9. Our Way (Live at The Whisky 1979)
10. Shut Down (Live at The Whisky 1979)
11. What We Do Is Secret (Live at The Whisky 1979)
12. Art (Live at The Whisky 1979)
13. Communist Eyes (Live at The Whisky 1979)
14. Lion s Share (Live at The Whisky 1979)
15. Media Blitz (Live at The Hong Kong Cafe 1978)
16. What We Do Is Secret (Live at The Hong Kong Cafe 1978)
17. Lion s Share (Rehearsal 1979)
18. Throw It Away (Rehearsal 1979)

Germ Warfare - The Germs Story By Don Bolles
Photo Slide Show


An impressively original, multi-media retrospective of one of punk rock s most controversial and hugely influential bands, The Germs!

DVD 1 contains a live concert performance of The Germs at The Whisky plus 18 phenomenal tracks, live and studio recordings, which showcases the Germs signature harsh, distorted guitars and punishing vocals!

DVD 2 offers a unique re-telling of the Germs legend by drummer Don Bolles plus a special photo slide show!