Mädchen, Mädchen (Girls, Girls) Blu-ray + DVD Region B

Type: New Blu-Ray

Beautiful, seductive, underage - that's Andrea. Just released from the educational institution, she ends up back where it all began and her life once took that fatal turn due to a fateful affair: She had gotten involved with her boss, who is now in jail for seducing minors. Against the backdrop of exploding boulders and rampant forests, a new passion flares up in the deceptive solitude of the cement factory. Andrea falls in love with the unsuspecting son of her former seducer. While the two of them, giving in to their youthful urge for freedom, discover feelings for each other for two days and nights, their father returns surprisingly. A power game for Andrea begins, in which there can be no winner. Because the shadows of the past are stronger than the power of love.