Link (Region B) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray

Feature Film, Color 1986, 1h43

Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

Director Richard Franklin

Starring Kevin Lloyd, Elisabeth Shue, Terence Stamp, Steven Pinner, Richard Garnett, Joe Belcher, Geoffrey Beevers, Caroline John, Daisy Beevers, David O'Hara

A young American zoology student takes a summer job at the lonely, cliff-top home of Dr. Phillip, exploring the link between man and ape. Soon after her arrival Dr. Phillip vanishes and Jane, confused, is left alone to look after his three chimpanzees - Voodoo, a savage female ape, the affectionate and child-like Imp - and Link, a circus chimpanzee trained to be the perfect servant and companion - or so she thinks! For a sinister reversal is taking place in the relationship between master and servant. She discovers she is a virtual prisoner and in her attempts to escape she finds she is up against an adversary with several times her physical strength - and the instincts of a savage, bloody killer.