Le Mepris aka Contempt (4K UHD, Lionsgate)

Type: New 4K UHD

Celebrate the 60th anniversary of Jean-Luc Godard's landmark movie Le Mepris (Contempt) with this first-ever 4K release. Weaving provocative storylines with a stunning visual style, Le Mepris is a movie within a movie. On the surface, the film is about a director (Michel Piccoli) whose wife Camille (screen legend Brigitte Bardot) falls out of love with him while he rewrites an adaptation of Homer's The Odyssey for an American producer (Jack Palance). But underneath this tale of a doomed romance lies Godard's true subject: the commercial film industry, which he skewers in an unforgettable tour de force that is subversive, darkly comic, and completely original.