Laid to Rest 1 & 2 (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

German release, not all extras may be English friendly!


If you lie in a coffin, you never get up again! Normally! But hardly anything seems normal for the young woman in the morgue when she wakes up. She doesn't know her own name, nor does she know what brought her to this place. Only when an old man is suddenly stabbed to death in front of her eyes does she know one thing for sure: she is to be the next victim! The killer with the silver skull mask wants to film her death struggle with his video camera. She only narrowly escapes her fate. For now - because the murderer is already on her heels. A night of horror begins and ends in a nerve- and limb-shredding finale.

Original title: Laid to Rest

Three months have passed since the masked serial killer ChromeSkull was supposedly killed. But the horror is returning! The bloody murders are piling up, and their inhuman brutality clearly bears ChromeSkull's signature. At the same time, Tommy, who barely escaped with his life three months ago, is kidnapped by the insane Preston. He has a mysterious connection to ChromeSkull and has his own plans. A merciless race against time begins as the number of ChromeSkull's victims rises.

Part 1:
- Audio commentary with director Robert Hall and actor/producer Bobbi Sue Luther
- Torture Porn: The Effects of Laid to Rest.
- Deleted Scenes
- Bloopers
- Trailer
- Trailershow

Part 2:
- Exclusive video interview with Robert Hall
- Audio commentary
- A Cut Above: Creating Chromeskull
- Bloopers
- Deleted Scenes
- Trailer