La Bimba di Satana (Limited Edition Mediabook, Region B) Cover A

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Maria, the wife of Antonio, the lord of the castle, has just died, but her barely cooled body twitches at a touch during the wake. This causes the daughter Mirja to have a nervous breakdown and her spirit to be taken over by her dead mother. From then on, death stalks the castle, and more and more castle inhabitants are murdered in the back. Who will be next? Antonio’s paralysed brother Ignazio, who chases after the nun in his wheelchair? Ignacio’s caregiver in the form of Sister Sol, who wears outrageous lingerie under her habit? The family doctor Dr. Suarez, who is supposed to embalm the dead Maria with horse syringes? Or the factotum Isidro, who babbles about the return of the Antichrist and disposes of corpses in the sewers?


  • Worldwide 2K Blu-Ray Premiere!
  • Cinema Horror Version
  • Hardcore Version in SD as Bonus 
  • Featurette Christian Kessler
  • Featurette Mark Thompson Ashworth
  • Videoclip LAWA La Bimba di Satana
  • all inserted hardcore scenes as a separate clip
  • Trailer
  • Internationale Picture Gallery 
  • Hardcover Mediabook with partial UV Spot
  • 28 pages Booklet with an Essay by Udo Rotenberg in German and english filled with international promo material and fotos.
  • Double-sided Poster with 2 Italian motifs
  • 2 Cover Variations with 2 different Italian poster motifs in a numbered &  limited edition of 500/500 pieces

Technical Specifications:

Running time:  75 + 88 Minuten (Cinema Cut & HC Cut)

Format: 1.66:1, 1080p

Sound: DTS-HD 2.0

Audio: German, Italian

Subtitles: German, english

Featurette Christian Kessler

Running time: 12 minutes

Audio: german

Subtitles: english

Featurette Mark Ashworth

Running time: 5 minutes

Audio: english

Subtitles: german

All inserted hardcore scenes as a separate clip – 18 Minuten

Music Bonus: Lawa – La Bimba di Satana – 5 Minuten

Picture Gallery  


Double sided Poster