Kreeptures - Gloom Plush Toy

Type: Toys


By The Way, I’m Wearing The Skin U Gave Me. 

- Deadly Red Eyes. 
- Wearing the Skin of 'Doom'. 
- Fierce Horns. 
- Tail. 
- 30cm/12" To Hold, Hug or Hail. 
- Stuffed With Hocus Pocus. 

I dislike people but I will make an exception for you! Meet 'Gloom'- he's been waiting a long time for a crypt as good as yours! 'Gloom' is a massive 30cm of huggable soft plush fur wearing the skin of his chaotic brother - 'Doom'. Features fierce horns and tail. The perfect cuddle partner for those melancholy rainy days. He's at his best when with brother 'Doom' - double the cuteness, double the trouble! Purrfect for gifting - or best of all, for yerself!