Kreeptures - Baby Abyss Plush Toy

Type: Toys


I’m cold as ice but In the right hands I’ll melt.

- Piercing Blue Eyes.
- Horns.
- Wing Details.
- Soft Luxe Plush.
- 30cm/12" To Hold, Hug or Hail.
- Stuffed With Hocus Pocus.

This frosty lil kreep is ready to emerge from the shadows of the deepest part of hell + meet their new cuddle partner! The 'Baby Abyss' is a massive 30cm of huggable soft plush fur, fierce horns, wings and embroidered details with piercing blue eyes. They might take a while to warm to you but once they have they'll be the most loving lil monster! Purrfect for gifting - or best of all, for yerself!