Kitvei Kodesh Hachol - M. Wightman (Limited Edition Hardcover, #13/131) Signed w/personal illustration USED

Type: Books

One of only 131 hand numbered limited edition hardcover copies. 

“As has already been revealed, the Kitvei Kodesh HaChol will concern the confrontation with the Conflict, Violence and Strife of the polarities and contradictions of the One (the Atzmut), the Essence of ALL and NONE. As a written work, it will necessarily appear to represent the particular perspective of the Sitra Achra, the Other Side of Opposition to the Cosmic expressions already familiar to us: the Holy Bible, the Mystical Commentary of the Zohar, the Traditional Liturgies of Synagogue and Church, the Dogmatic Theology of Orthodoxy, and the Spirit of Creation and Cosmos. ”