Kids (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

They steal, rape and do drugs. But they aren't criminals, they're normal kids. Telly and Jennie kiss. Jennie has never slept with a boy. "Cracking" virgins - that's what 17-year-old Telly likes. "Virgins are horny. And you can't get anything." At first Jennie is scared, but then Telly gets there. Pure routine, technique. Then he brushes Jennie off. Later Telly meets up with his friend Caspar. They buy dope with money they just stole from Telly's mom. Totally stoned, they beat up a black man who accidentally bumped into Caspar. Meanwhile, at Ruby's, the girls sit together and talk about sex, about the difference between "making love", "having sex" and "fucking". Jennie tells that she was deflowered. She doesn't know yet that Telly has AIDS...

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* Reversible cover