Kidnapped aka Rabid Dogs

Type: New Blu-Ray

For Master Of The Macabre Mario Bava (Black Sunday), ''Rabid Dogs'' was to be the most startling film of his entire career: After a botched payroll heist, a trio of vicious criminals take hostages in a desperate getaway that explodes with cruelty, degradation and shocking violence. But when the film's financier was killed during the last stages of production, his entire estate - including the sole unfinished work print of ''Rabid Dogs'' was seized and impounded by an Italian court. Mario Bava's final masterpiece - and one of the most intense EuroCrime thrillers of all time - would remain locked away for nearly 23 years. In 1997 Alfredo Leone and Mario's son (and longtime assistant) Lamberto Bava finished the film, adorning it with the title ''Kidnapped'', and features new footage added, overseen by Leone and Lamberto Bava in order to complete the film. Movie only edition. In Italian with English subtitles.