It's Halloween! (Children's Die-Cut Shape Book)

Type: Books

Time to add a book to your child’s candy-filled, not-too-spooky night. It’s Halloween! is the perfect read for parents and children to share together this October.

It’s Halloween! is a shaped picture book filled with vintage illustrations from Laughing Elephant's vast collection that explores Halloween from a child's perspective.Enjoy the night from stan: to finish as the illustrated kids engage in essential Halloween activities: such as selecting their dream costumes, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, fun­-filled parties, iconic trick-or-treating, and even apple bobbing! The simple text with the accompanying images work together to weave a spell of nostalgic Halloween magic co rival that of any witch! This book is the latest in Laughing Elephant's popular series of die-cut children's books.

Enjoy Halloween a little extra this year and introduce young children to the holiday with charm and style. Laughing Elephant's It’s Halloween! is sure to become a much-loved holiday tradition.