Is This a Joke? (DVD)

Type: New DVD

Available for the first time in years, it's the underground comedy classic! Prepare for the wackiest, wildest comedy you've ever seen! In his first full-on comedy, cult movie maven Jim Haggerty creates a live-action dirty joke book. Paying loving homage to the irreverent old dirty-joke comedies of the 70's, IS THIS A JOKE? presents live-action recreations of over 70 classic old dirty jokes you may remember hearing at parties or whispering in the schoolyard! Taking us back to a time where PC didn't even mean a personal computer, this adults-only collection of sketches will have you howling with laughter and smiling with nostalgia. You'll blush, you'll howl, you'll wet yourself, and you'll love it! It's all here - quack doctors, gorillas, rednecks, chickens, naked ladies, drunks, dog-bites, priests, rabbis, cucumbers, and lots of guys walking into bars. They don't make 'em like this anymore! So put the kids to bed, grab your favorite adult beverage and laugh til you can't laugh no more!