Type: New Blu-Ray

An alien creature has been waiting millions of years for a chance to breed, and its time has finally come when a group of space explorers unwittingly lands on its home planet. The 12-member crew is investigating for possible origins for the planet's vanished civilization. Instead, they awaken the planet's creature and discover that the horror to come is more terrifying than any nightmare that they could ever imagine!


Bonus Features

  • NEW A Very English Exploitation: INSEMINOID And The Shock Cinema Of Norman J. Warren – A 90-Minute Documentary On The Films Of Norman J. Warren, Featuring Contributions From Warren, INSEMINOID Star Jennifer Ashley, Visual Effects Artist Jez Harris, Screenwriter And Critic David McGillivray, Author Kim Newman, And Filmmaker Pete Walker
  • NEW Audio Interview With Norman J. Warren
  • Alien Encounter – An Interview With Actor Trevor Thomas
  • Q & A With Producer Richard Gordon and Norman J. Warren (Manchester Festival Of Fantastic Films – 2008)
  • Q & A With Norman J. Warren (Manchester Festival Of Fantastic Films – 2011)
  • Q & A With Norman J. Warren (Manchester Festival Of Fantastic Films – 2019)
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • TV Spots
  • Still Gallery