Ichiban Kuji Evangelion - EVA-01 vs. EVA-13

Type: Toys
We are pleased to announce that Ichiban Kuji has launched another series: Evangelion - EVA-01 vs. EVA-13 !!

For those who are not familiar, Ichiban Kuji is a popular mystery prize game from Japan where you can win a exclusive collectible figure and every ticket is a winner! This Ichiban Kuji comes in a box set of 80 that has different levels of prizes, there is also an additional last prize that goes with the very last ticket.

Please click on the icons below for the images that come in a set.

Each set will come with (Please refer to the attachment for images):
7 x Prize A-E – Figure
28 x Prize F – Towel
17 x Prize G – Sacosh Bag
28 x Prize H – Folder Set (2 pcs/1set)
Last Prize – Figure