Hunters w/SLIP (2021)

Type: New Blu-Ray

From writer/director Justin Lee (Big Legend, Badland ) comes a bracing post-apocalyptic action juggernaut starring Ian Ziering (the Sharknado series, Beverly Hills, 90210), Phil Burke (Hell On Wheels, Dirty Weekend ), Ed Morrone (Final Kill, The Fugitive Chronicles), and newcomer Nicole Craner.

Several years after a virus has ravaged the world, soldier John T. Wrecker continues his task of protecting a group of refugees and the base to which he was assigned, in spite of scarce supplies and an ever-dwindling discovery of survivors. As he goes about his daily routine, the threat of something new and even more dangerous grows ever closer in the form of monstrous mutants. The arrival of another soldier from a different outpost gives John hope that they might be able to fight this horrific new threat together. But with time running out and the new mutations closing in, John is facing the annihilation of his mission and the lives that rely on him.