Humongous (Limited Mediabook, Region B) Cover A

Type: New Blu-Ray

A harmless boat trip for five teenagers ends in a terrifying nightmare. You will end up in the fog on a mysterious island called Dog Island. Not only do wild dogs live here, after which the island was named, but also a murderous creature with incredible powers. Nobody has ever seen it. Is it human or animal? After their boat runs aground and bursts into flames, the youngsters look for a place to stay and stumble upon animal carcasses that have been brutally battered. But all this is just the beginning, because the price is very high for everyone who wants to unravel the terrible mystery of Dog Island...

A bloody horror thriller of the absolute special class by Paul Lynch ("Prom Night")

* Mediabook incl. extensive booklet by Christoph N. Kellerbach
* Original trailers
* Audio commentary
* Scene from the edited version
* Extensive picture gallery
* Program trailer