Horloger De Saint-Paul (The Watchmaker Of St. Paul) (REGION B) DVD USED

Type: Used Movies

The first film from former film critic Bertrand Tavernier, this moving story of a man forced to fight against the press, public opinion and his friends on behalf of his estranged son won a Special Jury Prize at Berlin in 1974. When a police car stops outside his small shop, Michel Descombes learns that his son has horrifically murdered a security guard and is now on the run. Stunned by the news, he cannot bring himself to belive it and tries to discover for himself the apparent motives for the gruesome crime. His passionate reactions in the defence of his fugitive son fascinate the investigating officer, Commissioner Guiboud. The two men form an odd trusting alliance until Michel realises that Guiboud is really acting to bring about his son's death as judicial revenge. To save his son, Michel has to put himself on the side of those against the law.