Hilde Warren and Death: Stumme Filmkunstwerke #1 (Limited Edition Digipack, Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Hilde Warren is a theater actress. She finds it completely incomprehensible that some role characters long for death: She is young and enjoys life. For her, however, death regularly appears as a terrible bogeyman. While she cautiously rejects the advances of the theater manager, she finally falls for the young Hector. This relationship soon comes to an abrupt end - Hector turns out to be a murderer who is shot while trying to escape. What remains is Hilde, who - made pregnant by Hector - is carrying the child of a murderer in her womb. The son, Egon, will later become Hilde Warren's undoing as the director continues to make advances to her. To make matters worse, Egon eventually becomes a criminal - like his father... The blows of fate pile up and the specter of death keeps appearing to Hilde Warren - until she is finally able to understand why some people long for death...

- 2K restoration and re-recorded soundtrack in Hi-Res
- Screenplay: Fritz Lang
- 20 page booklet

- Audiobook: Grim Reaper
- Joe May - Poets to the Front
- Image gallery
- Trailer show
- Audio commentary with Lars Johansen, Marco Koch and Clemens Willige