High Risk (Limited Edition Mediabook, Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Gus gives up his police uniform after his wife and child are killed in a bomb blast. Now he works as a bodyguard for a famous kung fu star, for whom he also performs dangerous stunts. Doc, the leader of a gang of gangsters, plans the biggest heist of all time at a jewel exhibition in a new hotel. In fact, the gangsters - unnoticed - take control of the hotel, in which Gus and his boss Jackie are also staying. A special police unit tries to storm the hotel - without success. Gus grabs a police helicopter and flies it onto the hotel roof. Doc grabs the jewelry and takes Lorraine, a journalist, hostage and ties her to a time bomb. Gus has only 30 seconds to decide whether to cut the detonator's red or blue wire.

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