Heroes Two DVD USED

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Fang Shih Yu (Alexander Fu Sheng) and Hung Hsi Kuan (Chen Kuan Tai) escape after the burning of the Shaolin Temple; but a case of mistaken identity causes Hung to be captured and marked for death. It's now a race against time to free him and seek revenge for the burning of the temple, before the Manchus can amass their warriors for one final assault on the survivors of Shaolin. Heroes Two began a trend in Hong Kong film focusing on real martial arts and furious action. The Shaw Brothers delivered an epic as only they could. From the acclaimed director Chang Cheh (Five Deadly Venoms, 5 Element Ninjas) and featuring back-breaking action choreography by Lau Kar Leung (Challenge Of The Masters, Jackie Chan's Drunken Master 2) and Tony Gaai (Shaolin Prince), Special features include Still Gallery, Featurette, Trailers. 5.1 audio mix and more!