He Knows You're Alone

Type: New Blu-Ray

Now you see him. Now you don't. The face of a killer appears out of the darkness and just as quickly disappears. A young woman has an eerie feeling someone is stalking her. Another beauty steps into a shower ... and a bathroom door handle slowly turns. We're in slasher-flick territory – and also in a rare realm of film history, because screen icon Tom Hanks makes his movie debut in this shocker.

The up-and-coming legend plays the brief supporting role of Elliot, a psych major whose musings about the nature of fear reinforce the tone of this twisted tale about a sicko who targets brides-to-be ... and a detective who scrambles to stop the carnage. Wedded bliss can be very short-lived when He Knows You're Alone.

Bonus Features

NEW 2K Scan Of The Interpositive

NEW It Came From Staten Island – An Interview With Director Armand Mastroianni

NEW Shooting In My Own Backyard – An Interview With Producer Robert Di Milia

NEW Godspells And Blood Weddings – An Interview With Actor Don Scardino

NEW Violence Is Implied – An Interview With Writer Scott Parker

Audio Commentary With Director Armand Mastroianni And Writer Scott Parker

Original Theatrical Trailer

Original TV Spots