Guardians DVD USED

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Defenders of the world, unite! During the Cold War, the secret organization "Patriot" created an elite squad of superheroes to defend the Soviet Union from threats far beyond the capabilities of mortal men. For years, these heroes hid in the shadows … but now, four must emerge to defend their homeland from a menace unlike any other they have faced before: the diabolical, power-hungry scientist Kuratov. Ler: The man who can move mountains. Khan: A blademaster so fast, you'll never see him coming. Xenia: The martial artist with the grace and fluidity of water. Ursus: A massive werebear with a massive minigun. Alone, they are freaks. Together, they're the Guardians.

Bonus Content:

  • Interviews with Cast and Crew
  • Character Profiles
  • Trailers