Giant Robo Complete Original Ova Series

Type: New Blu-Ray

In a marvelous future, Earth is in the midst of conquering it's energy crisis thanks to the Shizuma Drive, a miracle invention from a troubled scientist. But dark forces conspire to tip the balance of power in their favor; the Big Fire Organization seeks to neutralize the Shizuma Drive in order to create a new energy crisis, and one of their key operatives has his own secret plans to take revenge and plunge the world into darkness. Standing against Big Fire is the International Police Organization, a heroic and colorful assemblage of mighty warriors, secret agents, and super scientists. The IPO's youngest member is Daisaku Kusama, an earnest 12-year-old boy who commands the mightiest super robot in the world: Giant Robo! This complete collection contains all 7 of the original OVA episodes in 1080p high definition! It includes the original Japanese language with English subtitles, and both English dubs!