Gay Purree

Type: New Blu-Ray

Judy Garland and Robert Goulet lend their voices to a pair of star-crossed cats in this delightful, musical, romantic adventure. It's 1890 in France. Young feline Mewsette (Garland) announces to Jaune Tom (Goulet), the cat who truly loves her, the she is leaving the farm and boarding the next train to Paris. But once in the City of Lights, the naïve Mewsette is easy prey for the devious Meowrice (Paul Frees) and his nefarious plan to marry the young beauty to a rich American ... for a commission. Undaunted, Jaune Tom travels to Paris to find Mewsette--and no evil plot that Meowrice and his dastardly minions can devise will stop the heroic Tom from rescuing Mewsette.