Flying Disc Man From Mars

Type: New Blu-Ray


Blu-ray. Mota (Gregory Gaye, Ninotchka), a Martian invader intent on ruling Earth, finds a more than willing accomplice in Dr. Bryant (James Craven, Captain Midnight), a brilliant scientist with a secret Nazi past. Together they plan to harness atomic technology to further their evil goal. But whatever diabolical plan Mota may have in mind, intrepid pilot and would-be investigator, Kent Fowler (Walter Reed, Thunderbirds), along with his crack team, Steve (Sandy Sanders, Phantom From Space) and Helen (Lois Collier, Boston Blackie), will foil Mota, his Nazi stooge and evil henchmen Drake and Ryan, at every turn, leading to a climactic battle inside of a live volcano. All twelve episodes of Flying Disc Man From Mars (including Menace From Mars, The Volcano's Secret, Death Rides The Stratosphere and the exciting final installment, Volcanic Vengeance), directed by Fred C. Brannon (The Invisible Monster, The Crimson Ghost), are now available for your home viewing enjoyment in one exciting package. Flying Disc Man From Mars also features Harry Lauter (The Cry Baby Killer), Richard Irving (Sons of Adventure) and Michael Carr (Hills of Oklahoma).