FirePower (Limited Edition) USED

Type: Used Movies
An explosive plot to kidnap a corrupt billionaire set against New York, Miami, Washington, and the Caribbean when you have International superstar Sophia Loren involved, this is one Firepower. Carl Stegner George Touliatos is wanted by the US government for fraud, bribery and corruption. But before Stegner can be indicted, his top scientist with the evidence is murdered. Adele Tasca Sophia Loren, TWO WOMEN, BLOOD FEUD, the murdered man's widow, suggests Stegner's kidnapping to the Justice Department. She recommends Jerry Fanon James Coburn, CROSS OF IRON, IN LIKE FLINT, her former lover and professional bounty hunter, to catch her husband's killer and bring him back to face justice. Fanon and Adele enlist the aid of Catlett (O J Simpson, Killer Force, The Naked Gun) a powerful, professional thief and together they embark on the deadly mission.