Final Destination 1-5: Big Book Collection (Limited Edition, Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Shortly before Flight 180, which is supposed to take a school class to Paris, takes off, Alex Browning has a vision of the exploding machine. In a panic, he tries to convince the passengers to get off the plane. Only five classmates and a teacher follow him and witness how the machine actually bursts into flames shortly afterwards. But that's only where the horror begins, because by cheating death, they messed up its system. And if death wants to take it, there is nowhere safe...

Eight people narrowly survive a catastrophic highway collision. A young woman's premonition protects her from a cruel end. But the 8 made the bill without death and they have to pay for it very painfully. Because no one escapes him twice.

"Final Destination 2" is the murderously exciting sequel to the successful cinema hit: well equipped with sharp special effects and many shock sequences to get your heart beating at full speed.

Buckle up for Final Destination 3, the deadliest roller coaster ride ever! After barely surviving the deadly trip, Wendy and her friends die one by one in even more horrific ways. Wendy realizes the nightmare isn't over yet... Death returns to finish its work.

Actually, Nick O Bannon just wanted to experience an exciting day at the car race - but suddenly the terrible vision of bizarre events that lead to a pile-up on the track flashes through him: Burning wreckage hit the grandstand and cause it to collapse - Nick's friends find one horrible death. When Nick wakes up from this horrible nightmare, he frantically tries to convince his girlfriend Lori and her friends Janet and Hunt to leave the stands immediately... and indeed, seconds after their escape, Nick's horrific vision turns into a real disaster. Believing they have escaped death, the group celebrates their newfound life. Unfortunately for Nick and Lori this is just the beginning: he has visions of coming events again - soon the survivors of the accident die one by one in increasingly horrific ways. Nick must outwit death once and for all - before the same fate overtakes him .

When a construction site causes a traffic jam on a busy bridge, the car occupants are annoyed, but don't think anything bad about it. Only when the bridge begins to collapse do they realize that their last hour has come. But not everyone who should die in that catastrophe also gives up the spoon. Some manage to escape. From then on, Death himself sets about restoring the balance and thinks up all sorts of accidents in order to spectacularly hasten the deaths of those who escaped.