Fernando Di Leo: The Italian Crime Collection Vol. 2 (Single Case Version)

Type: New Blu-Ray

DISC 1 SHOOT FIRST, DIE LATER (1974, 95 min): Luc Merenda gives the performance of his career as a highly regarded police detective who is taking syndicate money in exchange for departmental favors. His father, a simple man, also works for the department but at a lower level; he isn't jealous of his son, but rather proud of him, little knowing that he's a crooked cop. A series of events leads the young detective to ask his father for a favor (he wants a certain police report that is desired by the syndicate) and it doesn't take long for the detective's father to realize his son is on the take, which leads to numerous complications. BONUS FEATURES: ''The Master of the Game'' Documentary Featurette, ''The Second Round of the Game'' Documentary Featurette, Original Theatrical Trailer


DISC 2 KIDNAP SYNDIACTE (1975, 98 min): Colella is a hard working but struggling mechanic who raises his son Fabrizio after his wife passed away. Fabrizio is friends with Antonio, son of the extremely rich but incredibly repugnant businessman Filippini. When criminals kidnap Antonio in front of school, the brave Fabrizio tries to prevent this and the nervous kidnappers pull him into the car as well. They demand a huge ransom for the boys, but the pigheaded Filippini refuses to give in to criminals and put the lives of the boys at stake, whilst Colella and even the police commissioner can't do anything. Colella goes after them, but soon stumbles upon a very complex and well-protected network. BONUS FEATURES: ''Violent Cities'' documentary / featurette, ''The other Fernando di Leo s Trilogy'' (Citta violente: laltra trilogia di Fernando di Leo).


DISC 3 NAKED VIOLENCE (1969, 99 min): A devastating, brutal, raw example of Di Leo's early works, Naked violence is about how a teacher of an evening school for youngsters with social problems is brutally raped and murdered right in her classroom. The only suspects are the kids and the police are surprised to find them all quietly in their homes instead of having escaped. There is a reason. Each kid declares that he did not participate in the brutality but was forced to watch. The police officer Lamberti has reasons to believe that someone, an adult, has orchestrated the kids whose name they are too afraid to mention. BONUS FEATURES: ''Goodfellas'' documentary / featurette, ''Fernando di Leo at the Cinematheque Francaise'' featurette.


Set includes a fully illustrated booklet.