Faces of Death I-IV and The Worst of Faces of Death (Gorgon Video) VHS Lot

Type: VHS

I- A collection of death scenes, ranging from TV material to homemade super 8 movies.

II - This movie continues in the same vein as F.O.D. 1 with short scenes of death related material. Mortuarys, accidents, police work are filmed by TV crews and home video cameras. Some of the material are most likely fake, some not as likely.

III - Third installment in the infamous Faces of Death series. Features real footage mixed in with re-enactments and faked footage.

IV - Follows the same pattern of the other Faces of Death movies. In this one we see many staged and not so staged looking deaths ranging from bungee jumping accidents and magic tricks gone bad.

 The Worst of Faces of Death - Includes many disturbing highlights from the first three Faces of Death films, such as animal slaughtering, executions, and more.