Eyes Of Dread

Type: New Blu-Ray


A young woman with a psychic sensitivity searches through a dark city for her sister, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

What Nina saw in that building, in that basement, was too horrible to mention. Yet the people of the building really seemed to need to know what she saw - That's how she disappeared. After 13 months her body is still missing and the general opinion is that she is dead. But when her sister Anna arrives in the city where Nina lived - with the hope and belief that her sister is still alive - the search for the truth behind the disappearance begins. That is when Anna's nightmares start to get more and more meaningful, as if they want to tell her something about her sister's mystery. And the more things are unraveled, the more it becomes clear that there are very dangerous and sinister forces involved. Forces that will do anything to keep the secrets concealed.

Bonus Materials

  • Cast & Crew Interviews
  • Bonus Short Film “Phantoms of Fire” from the makers of Alien Goddess and Eyes of Dread