Erte: 24 Postcards in Full Color


Erté's unique gift for theatrical and graphic illustration has profoundly influenced twentieth-century fashion, helping to elevate costume design to a fine art. Twenty-four exquisite masterpieces by this legendary designer are reproduced here in their original, strikingly vibrant colors. All the reproductions are in card form, perforated and detachable.
Enjoy picture cards of exceptional quality, including such exotic tableaux as "Her Secret Admirers," "Oriental Tale, "Adam and Eve, " "Nature's Vanity," "Harlequin," and "Stolen Kisses," as well as famous designs for theatrical productions—Legendary Kings, Paradise, Manon, Rigoletto, and more. Seductive female figures—sensual and provocative—arrayed in Erté's inimitable fashions evoke a sense of fantasy and romance. And dramatic, fiery colors lend excitement to every creation.
Each card is identified by a caption on the reverse side. Devotees of art, fashion, and theater will find these Erté cards to be superb examples of witty, inventive graphic design.