Entrails of a Beautiful Woman (DVD)

Type: New DVD

A woman commits suicide at a clinic after being brutally assaulted and injected with a drug called 'Angel Rain' by the Yakuza. A young psychologist infiltrates the clan to avenge her senseless death and manipulates them, enacting her own brand of violent justice. Unfortunately, the Yakuza finally catch her as well, and her fate brings gruesome death and destruction to everyone involved. Yet another gory Japanese classic from director Gaira, ENTRAILS OF A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN is a film definitely not for the squeamish. If you thought ENTRAILS OF A VIRGIN was over-the-top, wait until you see what surprises ENTRAILS OF A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN has in store!

Bonus Materials

  • Original Uncut Japanese Version
  • Newly Translated Removable Subtitles
  • Original Trailer
  • Part Two of a Video Interview with Director “”Gaira””
  • Essay on the Japanese “”Film Fogging”” Controversy