Drive-In Delirium: The Final Conflict (Region Free)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Drive-in Delirium is back for one last full-frontal onslaught of sweet and savage sinema. It’s curtains for Drive-in Delirium! The crypt of coming attractions has finally been bled bone dry – but not before unleashing one final SHOCKquake of mind-melting, skull-shattering and dong-expanding retro movie madness! Exploding with 7 HOURS of rampant lawlessness, alien impregnation, super-sized vermin, secret agent gadgets ‘n’ gals, copious acts of immoral mortal sin – not to mention jumbo servings of blood suckers, brain munchers, bad muthas and psycho loons – Drive-in Delirium: The Final Conflict burns to the ground the final destination in the ultimate cult movie and trailer trash road trip.